Credential Evaluations

The ICOE Credentials Office will evaluate the qualifications of applicants against the qualifications required for a variety of teaching credentials. In most cases, you will need to take copies of any credentials currently held and all college and university transcripts for the Credentials Office to review during the evaluation process. No appointments are necessary. Please drop off documents with a cover letter that includes your name, the California authorization you are seeking and your contact information (email and phone number).

Out of State Credentials

Out-of-State Applicants must show copies of any out-of-state credential(s) held, exams and copies of all college and university transcripts to be evaluated for a California teaching credential authorizing service in the California K-12 public school system.

Evaluation of Foreign Credentials

Applicants educated in a country other than the United States must undergo the foreign evaluation process. This process is conducted by an independent evaluation agency, approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, to evaluate program coursework for equivalency to US standards. Information regarding the foreign evaluation process can be obtained online at the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) website.

Registration of Current Credentials

Teacher candidates who already hold a clear credential and are being hired by a local school district, must have their credential(s) registered through the ICOE Credentials Office. Registration is only possible by accessing your credential records directly with the CCTC's secure credential look-up site.

Required Credential Evaluation Form

In all of the above instances, the local school district hiring the teacher candidate will provide a completed credential evaluation form to the ICOE Credentials Office before an evaluation is conducted. This form indicates that the district has offered the teacher candidate a position and provides the Credentials Office with the teacher candidate's qualifications and prospective assignment.