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Connectivity Beyond the Classroom: Connecting Students… Anytime, Anywhere.

Imagine the possibilities if all students were using digital resources and advancing their education well-beyond school hours. Imagine if teachers were able to assign projects that require rich investigation and online research without worry of students who may be disadvantaged due to their lack of internet connectivity at home. Imagine backpacks without textbooks, replaced with devices that provide students anytime, anywhere access to interactive and adaptive curriculum.

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Recognizing the need to bridge the Homework Gap to allow students to reach their full academic potential, the Imperial County Office of Education has launched an infrastructure initiative that will help ensure equal access to internet services throughout our county.

To get started, ICOE has teamed up with local school districts to bring wireless internet connectivity to students in four of our local communities: Brawley, El Centro, Heber and Seeley. The successes and lessons learned from this initial “pilot” will drive the eventual countywide build-out of a private wireless network that will blanket our communities and serve our more than 35,000 students countywide.

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The BorderLink pilot relies on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, the same wireless technology that connects mobile phones and devices from all of the major carriers.

BorderLink will deploy a private education wireless network infrastructure that complements the existing fiber-optic infrastructure throughout Imperial County that connects our schools and public agencies to each other and the internet. Students, teachers, and others will be provided devices to ensure this high-speed connectivity is with them as they leave school grounds. Whether at home or elsewhere in the community, students will no longer worry about having the access they need to further their education, engage with other students or teachers, or access their digital curriculum or other resources.

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For more information about this incredible opportunity for our community, contact:
     Imperial County Office of Education
     Office of the Superintendent
     Phone: (760) 312-6440