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Whether you are an aspiring teacher, a new teacher, or have been teaching for many years, the Imperial County Office of Education is here to help you.  We handle the administrative side of things, helping you register or obtain credentials, or locate open positions in special needs sectors, but we also have a whole team of individuals dedicated to helping new teachers prepare for classroom teaching, and helping established teachers locate the best resources for their students in their particular subject area.

This page contains only a few highlighted resources but please take some time to explore our site and ensure you're not missing out!


The Imperial County Credentials Office is a division of the Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE) Human Resources Department. The Credentials Office provides service to the ICOE and the sixteen (16) local school districts located throughout Imperial County. These services include the following:

  • Processing Applications for Teaching Credentials through the CCTC
  • Providing Evaluation, Counseling, and Registration Services to Teachers
  • Processing Substitute Teacher Permit Applications
  • Issuing Temporary County Certificates (TCC)
  • Disseminating Information for Certification Exams

New Teacher Support

ICOE offers a variety of programs and support services for new teachers.  Take some time and browse, you may be surprised at the resources available to you.

Teacher of the Year Program  (link to TOY page)

The purpose of the Imperial County Teacher of the Year (TOY) Program is to honor the teaching profession and to heighten interest in teaching as a career. The program affords the opportunity to bring attention to teachers who successfully employ strategies to increase academic success and narrow the achievement gap among a range of students.  Each year one teacher is selected from nominations collected from local school districts.  

Classified School Employees of the Year Program (link to CSEY page)

The Classified School Employees of the Year (CSEY) Program identifies and honors exemplary classified school employees from local school districts in Imperial County.  

Curriculum & Instruction

Educational Services works in collaboration with other ICOE departments to offer educational service and leadership to students, school districts, and the community. The goals of the California Frameworks, which focus on Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, and the needs of English Language Learners, form the basis for services. Support and leadership is focused on improving achievement for all students, and includes professional development through conferences, workshops, institutes and coaching.  Highlighted areas of instruction include:

Event Calendar

Professional Development Calendar

District Financial Services

District Financial Services is committed to providing professional, efficient service so that the students, families, employees and organizations that we serve will benefit. Our department provides services in the areas of payroll and retirement to local public school agencies and their employees.

Some of our duties include auditing and processing payroll, handling wage withholding orders, and submitting retirement reports to both CalPERS and CalSTRS. We provide training workshops for school district employees in the areas of payroll and retirement so that they can work accurately and efficiently.

Workshops are also hosted locally to provide an opportunity for district employees to learn about the CalPERS and CalSTRS retirement systems.  Pre-retirement counseling sessions are available for those close to retirement. Please use the links on this page to learn more about our department, or to find information or resources regarding the areas in which we work:

District Fiscal Advisory Services

The District Fiscal Advisory Services department provides fiscal assistance and AB 1200 oversight for school districts in the Imperial County. AB 1200 includes the review of the school district budgets, the review of the unaudited actual financial statements, oversight at the first and second interim reporting periods and intervention on behalf of financially troubled districts. We serve as the liaison between the California Department of Education (CDE) and school districts.

District & School Support

District and School Support will help schools build and sustain the capacity necessary to improve the success of all students through partnering with schools and districts as they review and redesign their practices in:

  • Comprehensive planning
  • Needs assessment
  • Alignment of curriculum and assessments to California content standards
  • Development of rigorous, relevant, and coordinated standards-based assessment & accountability support systems.

District & School Support also:

  • Provides organizational tools for streamlining multiple state and federal planning requirements into a single data-driven, comprehensive school plan.
  • Guides schools and districts as they coordinate programs and funds from multiple federal and state sources into single, focused, fully integrated reform effort.
  • Facilitates the formation of principal, teacher, and leadership team networks to promote collaboration and sharing of proven practices and strategies through Partnerships for Student Success and AB430 Administrators' Training.
  • Provides customized services to School Districts upon request.

Contact Information

Schools or districts interested in taking advantage of these services and resources should visit the District & School Support pages for more information.