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Welcome to the Employee Assistance Program website. EAP is an assessment and brief counseling service to our employees and their families. In addition, EAP provides consultation on dealing with emotional issues in the workplace. This website serves as an introduction to our program and the resources available to the members we serve. Our goal is to provide you with convenient access to a broad range of services. We encourage you to explore all of the other links on our page as well, and to bookmark our site for future reference.

EAP is free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can choose to talk to a licensed counselor through video, phone, or in person.

Services include

Five (5) sessions at no-cost for you and your household members.

Benefits include

Counseling services - Call 866-533-4278 to talk with a professional, licensed counselor. EAP counselors have experience in stress management, job transition, work/life balance, grief and loss counseling, substance use disorder, and more.

Referral services - EAP counselors can provide referrals to carefully screened professionals in your area. Call to receive referrals for local counselors, financial advisors, and attorneys.

Online resources and information - The Carelon Behavioral Health website offers a library of health and wellness articles, videos, audio files, calculators, and quizzes to help make your life easier.

Visit icsveba.mybeaconwellbeing.com

Remember that EAP is available at no cost to you or your household members. To access the EAP, call 866-533-4278 or go to th.carelonwellbeing.com/icsveba. Your personal information is kept private as called for by federal and state laws.

We’re here for you at 866-533-4278

We’ll answer any questions and help you find the right person to talk to. You’ll also be able to cancel or reschedule your conversation.
**Call 911 if you require emergency services. Call 988 if you are experiencing a mental health crisis.

EAP connects you with qualified experts who can help

Everything in your life affects how you feel. When you’re healthier, you’re happier. When you’ve got friends and family you can count on, you feel less lonely. And when your finances are in order, life isn’t so stressful.

We match you with an expert based on your unique situation. You’ll get personalized guidance and helpful advice you can use right away to navigate life events and reach personal goals. All it takes is a single conversation to get things going.

Additional Resources thru CSVEBA

VEBA, our Dental and Vision administrator, provides access to our employees to the Behavioral Health VEBA resource center. The VEBA Resource Center's focuses on is self-regulation. Self-regulation is how we deal with stressors, and lays the foundation for everything else we do. It's the ability to monitor and manage your energy states, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that are acceptable and produce positive results such as well-being, loving relationships and development.

These resources can be accessed by clicking here: Behavioral Health VEBA Resource Center – It promotes physical and behavioral health and provides continuing support all year long!

Members will find resources to include the following:

  • Classes, Recommended Books & videos
  • Behavioral Health apps
  • Self-regulation videos
  • Self-regulation toolkit
  • Monthly calendar with class schedules!

At the VEBA Resource Center, you will find holistic services that support member’s whole health.

Self-Regulation Videos – Learn about specific ways to practice self-regulation, check out videos posted online and visit VEBA YouTube Channel.

Self-Regulation Articles – Additional articles on mental health.

Download the VEBA Mindfulness Apps

For more information please visit our Carelon Behavioral Health - Mental Health section