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Imperial County Schools Voluntary Employees Benefits Association

The Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE) is a participating member of the Imperial County Schools Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (ICSVEBA). The ICSVEBA is an established trust and consortium comprised of several other local school districts and governed by voting members made up of six (6) labor and six (6) management employees from various participating school districts. Both labor and management also have two (2) alternates. The ICSVEBA meets regularly concerning the self funded health benefits provided to the employees of the participating member districts. The ICOE, through the VEBA, offers the following health and welfare benefits to eligible employees:


Rates vary depending upon employee group (i.e., classified, certificated, management), selected plan, employee's work year (i.e., 10 mo, 11 mo, 12 mo), and the coverage category elected by the insured (i.e. employee only, employee+1, employee+family).  These rates include the cost for all of the above coverages including medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, and mental health. The life, AD&D, and dependent life policies are paid for by the employer at no cost to the employee.