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Live Scan Services are provided through the Imperial County Office of Education Live Scan Unit which is part of the Human Resources Department. The live scan unit processes prospective employees being hired locally in the the education field.

The Imperial County Office of Education is authorized by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to perform electronic live scan services for Imperial County school districts, colleges, universities, and ICOE departments.

Electronic fingerprints and other pertinent personal data are transmitted to the DOJ using technological system equipment compatible with the DOJ information systems for the purpose of conducting a criminal history search on prospective employees as requested.


Live scan services are available by appointment only and scheduled by your prospective employer or the licensing agency directly with the ICOE live scan operator. Please do not attempt to schedule an appointment on your own, as the request must be initiated by the employer or licensing agency.

Contact Information

Imperial County Office of Education
1398 Sperber Road, Building B, First Floor
El Centro, CA 92243

Live Scan Services
ICOE-Human Resources
(760) 312-6523


Required Documentation

The following items are required at the time of the appointment

  • Request for Live Scan Service - Applicant Submission Form
    • The employing agency must complete and provide the Applicant Submission Form to the applicant.
    • The Imperial County Office of Education will not accept faxes or photocopies of the Applicant Submission Form.
  • Valid Photo ID 
    MUST be presented at time of service and can be any of the following:
    • California Driver's License
    • California Identification (ID) Card
    • Out of State Driver's License or ID

If you do not hold the required form of identification, contact the Live Scan Services for further information.

  • IMPORTANT: A temporary DMV license (paper printout) is NOT a valid form of Identification


Fees are determined by the employing agency and a billing number must be provided by the employing agency on the Request for Live Scan Services form. University students must contact their advisor or credentialing office to determine fees.

Fees vary for a variety of reasons and are determined based on the purpose for which the live scan transmission is being requested. Applicant may need to pay a fee for credential purposes only, employment purposes only, or both. Individual districts may agree to pay the fee for employment purposes, but require the applicant to pay the fee for credential purposes. There are a variety of scenarios that may arise and live scan fees are thus determined on an individual case by case basis. 

For these reasons, it is best for applicant to contact their respective employing or licensing agency directly if they have questions.

Fees may be paid by Money Order, Cashier's Check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover).  There will be a $2.50 transaction fee for card payments.

Department of Justice Responses

Department of Justice (DOJ) performs a database and/or manual search of its records of criminal history and transmits a response directly to the hiring district. For this reason, please do not contact the ICOE Live Scan Unit for information on DOJ responses.

The hiring district, as the employer, has hiring discretion based on the DOJ response unless the applicant's criminal record contains a conviction that prevents the candidate from being employed in the California public school system as explicitly stated in the California Education Code.

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