Services Directory

A Contact Person Extension
Academic Decathlon Tracy Canalez 6507
Accountability Dorene Johnson 6556
Accounts Payable Internal ICOE Jana Ray 6167
Accounts Payable School Districts Gina Chaparro 6479
Accounts Receivable Internal ICOE Yvonne Salorio 6415
Adapted Physical Education Tiffany Phillips 6505
Adult Education Denise Cabanilla 6618
After School Education and Safety (ASES) Brenda San Roman 6498
Alternative Education Monalisa Vitela 5525
Alternative Payment Program Michael Castillo 6431
AmeriCorps Project Borderlands John Cabrera 6498
Application Development Cristobal Rodriguez 6512
Assessment Jeanette Montaño 6578
Attendance Gina Chaparro 6479


B Contact Person Extension
Bilingual Coordinators Network (State BCN) Lupita Olguin-Rubio 6192
Bullying/School Violence Victimization Services Zugeily Estrada 6471
Business Computer Systems (ICSIS) Lino Velarde 6512
Business Operations Yvonne Salorio 6415
Business, Internal Carlos Zamora  6123


C Contact Person Extension
California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Miriam Bell 6498
California K-12 High Speed Network Teri Sanders 6512
California Personal Responsibility Program Patricia Jones Sanchez 5530
California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN) Janet Estrada 6611
CaliQity Teri Sanders 6512
CA Math and Science Partnership (CaMSP) Janet Estrada 6611
Child Abuse Reporting Child Abuse Prevention Council (760) 353-8300
Child Abuse Treatment (CHAT) Miriam Bell/Rigel Garibay 6498
Child Protective Services Department of Social Services (760) 337-7750
Child Care/Free Referral Service Michael Castillo 6431
College Begins in Kindergarten (CBK) Janet Estrada 6611
College and Career Readiness Initiative Denise Cabanilla 6618
College Application Workshops Denise Cabanilla 6618
Commercial Warrants Shellianne Kirschner 6407
Community Home Education Program Susanna Arrayave 6686
Computer Training Technology Services 6512
Consolidated Application Monalisa Vitela 5525
Credentials Ruby Tagaban 6132
Curriculum and Assessment Network Jeanette Montaño 6578


D Contact Person Extension
Day Care/Licensing Resource & Referral 6544
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Araceli B. Garcia 6582
District Financial Services Jennifer Villafana  6465
District Fiscal Advisory Services Gina Chaparro 6479
District Payroll Letty Jamie 6561
Drug Free Communities (DFC) /Sober Truth on Provention Underage Drinking (STOP) Miriam Bell 6498

E Contact Person Extension
EAP – Language Arts Erika Morquecho 6480
Early Care & Education Preschool Centers Blanca Preciado 6466
Early Care and Education Programs Michael Castillo 6431
Early Head Start Programs Rosy Garcia  6594
Early Literacy (0-5) Janet Estrada 6611
Education Technology Teri Sanders 6512
EL Network Lupita Olguin-Rubio 6192
English Language Learners Lupita Olguin-Rubio 6192
Expulsion Appeals Amanda Brooke 6429


F Contact Person Extension
Facilities Wendy Rangel  6219
Family Resource Centers (FCRs) Miriam Bell 6498
Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) Dorene Johnson 6556
Fiber Optics Luis Wong 6512
Financial Aid Denise Cabanilla 6618
Fingerprinting Elvia Martinez 6523
Foster Youth Services Kristina Silva Contreras 5519
Frameworks - English Language Arts Queana Givens-Jarvis 6528
Frameworks - English Language Development Lupita Olguin-Rubio 6192
Frameworks - History/Social Science Tracy Canalez 6507
Frameworks - Pre K Janet Estrada 6611
Frameworks - Science John Lazarcik 6225
Frameworks - Visual & Performing Arts Tracy Canalez 6507


G Contact Person Extension
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Queana Givens-Jarvis 6528
Garnishments Ruth Reyes 6122


H Contact Person Extension
Health Eileen Gutierrez 6429
Health/School Nurses Silvia Luna 6550
Higher Education Week Denise Cabanilla 6618
History/Social Science Tracy Canalez 6507
Homeless Education/Students Rights Dan Tewalt 6560
Home-School Information Amanda Brooke 6429
Human Resources Martha Garcia 6625


I Contact Person Extension
ICOE Move® Eddie Hernandez 6651
Imperial Pathways Charter School Monalisa Vitela 5525
Imperial Valley Telecommunications Authority (IVTA) Luis Wong 6512
Independent Study Program Monalisa Vitela 5525
Infant Toddler Program/Special Education Lisa Soto 6677
Innovation and Training Center Marie Williams 6512
Interdistrict Agreements Amanda Brooke  6429
Intern Program Claudia Guzman 6162


J Contact Person Extension
Job Vacancies (EdJoin) Ray Castaneda 6146


K Contact Person Extension
K20Video Monica Mendoza 6512


L Contact Person Extension
Language Arts/Reading (K-6) Queana Givens-Jarvis 6528
Language Arts/Reading (7-12) Erika Morquecho 6480
Licensing Orientations for Family Day Care Resource & Referral 6544
Live Scan Elvia Martinez 6523


M Contact Person Extension
Maintenance/Operations Jeff Sturdevant 6218
Migrant Education Program Sandra Kofford 6448
Migrant Fiscal Manager Clarissa Acuña 6458
Migrant Identification and Recruitment Ramon Santana 6475
Migrant Professional Development Sandra Kofford 6451
Mock Trial Robin Bates 6614
My Digital Chalkboard Teri Sanders 6512
MyTechDesk Cristobal Rodriguez 6512


N Contact Person Extension
National History Day Tracy Canalez 6507
New Teacher Support Robin Bates 6614
Network Services Luis Wong 6512


O Contact Person Extension
Occupational Therapy Patricia McDonald 6647
Outreach/CA K-12 High Speed Network Teri Sanders 6512


P Contact Person Extension
Payroll- ICOE Internal Alan Brinkman 6514
Payroll School Districts Jennifer Villafana 6465
Personal Statement Workshops Denise Cabanilla 6618
Pre-School Standards Janet Estrada 6611
Project Directors Support Dorene Johnson 6556
Project Team Work Patricia Jones-Sanchez 5530
Psychological Services Eileen Gutierrez 6429
Public Employee Retirement System/PERS Leticia Jaime  6561


Q Contact Person Extension


R Contact Person Extension
Red Ribbon Week/Poster Contest Brenda San Roman 6538
Regional System of District & School Support Claudia Guzman 6162
Risk Management Richard Cordero 6424


S Contact Person Extension
SARB Monalisa Vitela 5525
SAT and ACT Preparation Denise Cabanilla 6618
School Counselor Training Denise Cabanilla 6618
School Readiness (Age 0-5) Janet Estrada 6611
Science John Lazarcik 6225
Science Fair John Lazarcik 6225
Scholarship Opportunities Denise Cabanilla 6618
SELPA Administration Deborah Montoya 6417
SELPA Adapted PE Tiffany Phillips 6505
SELPA Behavior Specialist Louise C. Brenes 6444
SELPA Program Specialist/K-21 years Kim Cantua 6418
SELPA Program Specialist/Birth-Preschool Yvonne Salgado  6420
SELPA Preschool Community Liaison Silvia Silva 6419
SELPA CASEMIS Brenda Sandoval 6419
SELPA TPP/Employment Developer Sylvia Lemus 6504
Severely Handicapped Special Education Program Kurt Leptich 6428
Special Education for Alternative Education Blanca Lopez-Frias (760) 353-5517
Special Education/Behavior Intervention Lisa Soto 6677
Speech/Language/Hearing Services Eileen Gutierrez 6429
State Teacher Retirement System/STRS Letty Jaime 6561
Student Conferences Denise Cabanilla 6618
Subsidized Child Care Programs Early Care and Education Programs 6544
State Preschool Centers Blanca Preciado 6466


T Contact Person Extension
Technology Services Luis Wong 6512
Technical Support & Operations Cristobal Rodriguez 6512
Technology Planning Teri Sanders 6512
Tobacco Control Coalition Brenda San Roman 6498
Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Miriam Bell/Brenda San Roman 6498


V Contact Person Extension
Vaccinations Eileen Gutierrez 6429
Videoconferencing – Statewide & Local Sean Salomon 6512
Visually Impaired Program Guadalupe B. Gonzalez 6404


W Contact Person Extension
Web Application Development Cristobal Rodriguez 6512
Website Updates - ICOE Cristobal Rodriguez 6512
West Nile Virus Information Public Health (760) 482-4968
Williams Settlement Claudia Guzman 6162
Work Permits Claudia Guzman 6162
Writing - Elementary Queana Givens-Jarvis 6528
Writing - Secondary Erika Marquecho 6480