The Facilities Department is responsible for the strategic planning, management, and coordination of ICOE’s new construction and modernization projects. The department's responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Facilities Planning & Design
  • Developing,  and Maintaining Facilities Master Plan for Capital Improvements and Maintenance Projects.
  • Exploring new funding opportunities from Federal, State and Local Resources.
  • Implementation of “best practices” related to water and energy conservation measures and sustainable (green) building practices throughout our projects

Conservation of natural resources and making a conscious effort towards sustainability is a priority at ICOE. The staff is committed to providing quality service in construction management, major maintenance, logistics, and operations, with the understanding that we are an integral part of the educational development of students.

Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance and Operations Services coordinates the planning, organizing, monitoring, and implementation of a variety of maintenance and custodial services at the ICOE school sites, Administrative Offices, as well as facilities collocated on District campuses. Items include heating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, painting, emergency power systems, custodial services, security and fire systems, access control, keys, recycling, and preventative maintenance.

This unit interacts with outside service providers such as landscapers, elevator maintenance services, security/patrol services, water treatment services, laundries, air quality services, locksmiths, movers, utilities, and recycling services. It also interacts with such government agencies as local municipalities, fire departments, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Department of Environmental Health.

Through the ICOE Conference Services, meeting rooms and related facilities are made available to local school districts and educational groups. Our Rooms can accommodate from 10 to 120 individuals.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.


Wendy Rangel
Facilities Manager
(760) 312-6435

Juan Verdugo
Facilities Project Coordinator
(760) 312-6219

Maintenance and Operations

Jeff Sturdevant
Maintenance and Operations Supervisor
(760) 312-6218


Antonio Romayor Jr.
Chief Operations Officer
Imperial County Office of Education
(760) 312-6512