Business Services

The key objective of the Business Services Department is to provide innovative, high-quality support of the educational services offered by the Imperial County Office of Education and the school districts in the county.  This is accomplished by providing professional support for budgets, enhancing resources, controlling expenditures and effectively maintaining accountability in order to preserve financial and educational success.

The three areas of the Business Services Department are Internal, District Financial and Fiscal Advisory. These departments provide professional support in the areas of internal fiscal services, accounts payable, payroll, retirement and district fiscal oversight.

We welcome the opportunity to provide information and assistance regarding our services. The Business Services Department is committed to the successful operation of the Imperial County Office of Education and will work diligently in our mission to preserve the fiscal integrity of the Imperial County schools that we serve.

Organizational Chart

At the request of the ICOE Board of Trustees and as part of the on-going budget development process, we update the ICOE organizational chart to reflect the organizational changes that correspond to the budget updates.