Internal Business

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Business Services is now located in Building B.

Internal Business

The Internal Business department is responsible for all internal financial matters including but not limited to performing specialized administrative functions to support programs funded by the State, Federal and Local entities, monitor office compliance with Board policies, administrative regulations, California Education Code, and the California School Accounting Manual. Our Team offers support to all internal programs and to local school districts and local JPAs. Internal Business is divided into four units which provide distinct but integrated services.

Fabiola Calderon

Director, Internal Business
(760) 312-6123

Yvonne Salorio

Administrative Assistant I
(760) 312-6415

Credit Card Checkout Appointments

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Budgeting & Accounting

The Internal Budgeting and Accounting unit is responsible for the development, adoption, and revision of County Office budgets, assisting internal departments in fiscal matters and the reporting to state, federal and local agencies. Accounting and reporting for special funds and JPAs also falls within our scope of services. Our team’s main focus lies in ensuring compliance with fiscal policies and statutory requirements, including the planning and execution of the budget process.

Dustin Kerns

Asst. Director of Internal Budgeting & Accounting
(760) 312-6519

Diane Faulkner

Senior Accountant
(760) 312-6142

Michelle White

(760) 312-6570

Hector Orozco

(760) 312-6120

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is responsible for the encumbrances of expenditures and the audit and processing of payments to all vendors and contractors. It complies with regulations established by IRS, State Board of Educations and other agencies for all vendor payments.
Account ClerkArea
Jana RayCurriculum, Facilities, H.E.A.L., Maintenance & Operations, Student Well-Being & Family Resources.
Yolanda EsquivezAssociate Superintendent, Business Services, Credentialing, Deputy Superintendent, Human Resources, Student Services, Superintendent, Technology Services, K-12 HSN, Districts, 71, 77 & 80.
Maria MuñozAlternative Ed., Imperial Pathways Charter, Migrant, SELPA, Special Education, Support Services.
Melissa ReddenECEP

Jana Ray

Account Clerk II
(760) 312-6167

Yolanda Esquivez

Account Clerk II
(760) 312-6476

Maria Muñoz

Account Clerk II
(760) 312-6489

Melissa Redden

Account Clerk II
(760) 312-6484

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable is responsible for all collections and deposits of money owed to the County Office. It is also responsible for tracking all invoices issued by internal departments.