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Student Well-Being & Family Resources has been providing services to Imperial County schools for over 30 years. The department brings together schools, communities, families, and youth in a working partnership to support students at all grade levels in dealing with challenges. Our staff works to prevent and intervene in problems that interfere with educational success, including alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, suicide, teen pregnancy, gang violence, dropping out, and poor academic performance. Student Well-Being & Family Resources helps young people make healthy lifestyle choices, stay in school, and complete their education.

Student Well-Being & Family Resources staff provide school counseling and mental health services, facilitate supports and informational groups, conduct presentations in classrooms, provide trainings and technical assistance, and coordinate various other specialized services required by the assigned program. In general, the functions of most grants include: prevention education, identification of students in need of assistance, intervention to ensure student access services, pre-assessment of the nature and degree of the problem, referrals to the appropriate resources and ongoing support for healthy lifestyle choices. Teachers, principals, counselors, parents and peers are the regular source of student referrals to Student Well-Being & Family Resources. 

Services are offered at various school sites, including high schools, Alternative Education schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Staff members make contact with students primarily during the regular school day and provide immediate intervention and services according to the assigned program. The emphasis on confidentiality and the consistency students experience within our programs create an awareness of the importance of addressing the difficult issues students face.

Contact Information

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Miriam Belopolsky
Senior Director
Phone: (760) 312-6498

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Brenda San Roman
Student Program Specialist
Phone: (760) 312-6498

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Hector Orozco
Fiscal Manager
Phone: (760) 312-6540

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Daniela Estrada
Clerical Assistant II
Phone: (760) 312-6498

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