Contract & Salary Negotiations

Employee Groups

The Imperial County Office of Education workforce is categorized into four distinct employee groups based upon position, class, and role within the organization. Two of the four groups are recognized as official bargaining units which are formally represented by organized unions who actively participate in negotiations with the ICOE employer through the public employee bargaining process.

Certificated Employees

Certificated employees belong to a formalized labor union officially recognized at the state level as the California Teachers Association (CTA). The CTA represents educators statewide in the employer-employee relationship. At the local level, ICOE teachers are represented by the Imperial County Office of Education Teachers Association (ICOETA), a chapter of the state CTA. The following classifications are considered certificated employees and are therefore represented by the ICOETA.

  • Infant / Toddler / Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
  • Orientation & Mobility Instructor
  • School Nurse
  • Site Supervisor - ECEP / Migrant Education
  • Speech Therapist
  • Teacher - Alternative Education
  • Teacher for the Hearing Impaired (HI)
  • Teacher for the Severely Handicapped (SH)
  • Teacher for the Visually Impaired (VI)

For more information concerning union dues, activating membership, or other labor related issues, you may contact any of the following ICOETA Union Members:

PresidentBarbara McAndrews(760) 336-4444
Vice-PresidentYolanda Benito(760) 312-5547
SecretarySusana Avila-Salgado(760) 312-6670
TreasurerAndy Villagrana (760) 353-1802

Classified Employees

Classified employees belong to a formalized labor union called the California Schools Employee Association (CSEA). The local chapter of the CSEA represents ICOE employees who have been hired in classified positions. For more information concerning union dues, activating your union membership, or other labor related issues, you may contact any of the following CSEA Officers:

PresidentRuby Tagaban(760) 312-6132
Vice PresidentStacey Arthur(760) 312-6483
TreasurerAmber Cooper(760) 312-6493
SecretaryRuben Ortiz(760) 312-6186

Management Employees

The management employee group is not recognized as an official union association organized for purposes of collective bargaining, and it is therefore an unrepresented employee group. Employees hired into a designated management position are classified as management employees and belong to the management employee group.

The management employee group consists of both certificated management and classified management positions. Compensation, work year, and leaves are a few examples of terms and conditions of employment that vary between the two types of management employees.


Cabinet Members are not recognized as official union associations for purposes of collective bargaining and are therefore an unrepresented employee group. Cabinet Members include the following designated positions from within the ICOE organization.

  • County Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Chief Technology Officer