California Reading and Literature Project(CRLP)

The Mission of the California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP) is to provide high-quality standard-based teacher professional development in reading/ language arts and English language development to ensure that every student achieves the highest standards of academic performance by:

  • Developing teachers’ content knowledge and expanding their instructional strategies
  • Supporting the effective use of the current California State Standards
  • Focusing on academic English language development
  • Creating a cadre of expert teacher leaders

“Once You Learn to Read, You Will be Forever Free”

- Frederick Douglass

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Thank you for visiting the CRLP at ICOE webpage. CRLP Signature Professional Learning Programs are the culmination of teacher-leader knowledge, scholars, and researchers. These programs offer practical instructional routines and scaffolds that help foster the development of literacy for students of all ages.

Contact Information

Priscilla Johnson
CRLP Regional Director/Curriculum Coordinator
(760) 312-6129

Jessica Iqueda
Clerical Assistant
(760) 312-6108