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Awarded by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the Classified Employee Grant (CEG) seeks to provide guidance and financial assistance to educators who are pursuing a teaching credential. The CEG was awarded in 2022 to a five-county consortium including Orange County Department of Education, Butte County Office of Education, Imperial County Office of Education, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, and San Diego County Office of Education. The goal of the CEG is to address the state’s teacher shortage in the areas of STEM, special education, bilingual education, and transitional kindergarten. In addition, the CEG seeks to provide financial assistance to help participants complete their undergraduate education and/or teacher preparation program. Additional support will be provided ​​​to grant awardees via academic guidance and transitional support as they become credentialed teachers in California. Our CEG participants will have access to approximately $3,500 per year to assist with the teacher education pathway.

As a five-county consortium, we have structured the CEG to support all participants in passing required credential exams and assessments. To meet this goal, we have developed online courses and resources to support the passing of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET), Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA), and California Teacher Performance Assessment (CalTPA). In addition, all participants will be individually mentored and guided by an Educational Advisor throughout the participant’s participation in the grant.


To be eligible for the grant, potential candidates must be a classified employee through one of the following counties: Orange County Department of Education, Butte County Office of Education, Imperial County Office of Education, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, or San Diego County Office of Education.​ Applicants must be interested in pursuing a teaching credential and have completed a minimum of 60 college units. Candidate must intend to enroll in a California-based professional preparation program approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. If a bachelor's degree ​is pending, the candidate must also intend to complete their undergraduate degree in a California-based college or university.  You do not need to hold  a bachelor's degree or be currently in a credential program to apply for this grant. (Click here for a list of Commission-approved institutions offering California preparation programs​).

Grant participants must adhere to all grant requirements to maintain their status in the grant and eligibility for reimbursable funds. Since the grant is reimbursable, participants must first pay for items out of pocket and submit their receipts to get access to grant funds. 

Note: Applicants who currently hold a preliminary credential or cleared credential are not eligible for this grant. Applicants who are pursuing a ​Career Technical Education (CTE) credential, Pupil Personnel Service (PPS) School Counseling credential, or Speech-Language Pathology Service (SPS) credential are not eligible to apply for this grant. Applicants completing their undergraduate degree from an out-of-state college or university do not qualify for this grant. Applicants completing a teacher preparation program from a non-commission-approved institution do not qualify for this grant.



Once accepted into the CEG, all grant participants will be assigned to an Educational Advisor. Educational Advisors will mentor, guide, and support grant participants with their unique teacher pathway throughout their participation in the CEG. Grant participants meet with their Educational Advisor for three formal online meetings through Zoom or by phone. During advising meetings, Educational Advisors collaborate with participants on an Individualized Pathway Plan to monitor participants’ progress and outline their next steps.​ The Educational Advisor provides participants with access to information and resources to help meet their educational goals and needs.


In an effort to support grant participants to meet credential requirements, the grant will provide targeted support through our online education courses from one of our partnered community colleges: Feather River College, Mendocino College, or College of the Siskiyous. Enrollment in the grant educational course does not interfere with the participant’s current institution or future enrollment to their preferred institution. The grant educational course is completed alongside the participant’s current and future courses.


Participants who are in good standing in the grant, are enrolled in an IHE/LEA, and are making progress toward their teaching credential will receive a Living Stipend of $3,500. The grant will also connect you to other possible sources of financial assistance.


We are currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year. This is an open enrollment on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please be aware that applicants from five counties (Butte, Imperial, Orage, San Diego, and San Bernardino) are applying for this grant, so space is limited.

For the application to be accepted, you must upload all of the documents below as ONE PDF file. See the links below to download and submit it to the application.

  • Grant Application (pages 1-6)
  • Letter of Endorsement
  • Unofficial transcripts from all colleges attended

NOTE: This grant application and submission links are only for classified employees working in districts within ICOE.  ​​​ ​​


If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia Beltran at

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