California Children Services

What It Is

Physical and Occupational Therapy services are provided to eligible California Children Services (CCS) participants at sites called Medical Therapy Units (MTU's). There has been an MTU in Imperial Valley since 1949, moving to its present site at the Imperial Valley Center for Exceptional Children in 1977.

What It Does

Physical and Occupational Therapy focuses on helping children to be independent in such areas as getting around, getting in and out of a wheelchair, walking, feeding, dressing, staying clean and neat, and developing functional skills for home environments. Our therapists function as part of a multidisciplinary team including physicians, nurses, teachers, speech therapists, psychologists, and other school personnel. Every year, therapeutic services are provided to hundreds of infants, children, and young adults from all over Imperial Valley.

Who It Serves

Not every CCS participant is eligible for Medical Therapy Program (MTP) services. Age and residency eligibility are the same, but there is no financial eligibility. Medical eligibility for the MTP is different than for the CCS program. Two groups of children are served in the MTP:

Children with a muscular, musculoskeletal, or neuromuscular disease. Examples include, but are not limited to some types of cerebral palsy, poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophies, myasthenias, osteogenesis, imperfecta, arthrogryposis, rheumatoid arthritis, amputation, and contractures resulting from burns.

Children under 2 years old who have certain neurological findings that suggest a high chance that they may have a physical disability that is eligible for the MTP but who do not have symptoms.

Contact Imperial County CCS MTP Staff

Imperial Valley Center for Exceptional Children
1528 S. Waterman Ave.
El Centro, CA  92243

California Children Services (CSS) Specialists / Especialistas de CCS

Terry McMains
MTU Supervisor
(760) 312-6634
Claudia Arreola
(760) 312-6633

Hilda Sepulveda
(760) 312-6658