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The Imperial Valley Center for Exceptional Children (IVCEC), as operated by the Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE), serves students who display moderate to severe disabilities on behalf of the 17 school districts that make-up the Imperial County. The IVCEC school-site is proud to emulate the Mission and Vision of the Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE) in ensuring that all students are afforded an opportunity to improve quality of life by providing excellent educational services and leadership to children, school districts, and our community.

As a continued MOVE® International Model Site, IVCEC is able to welcome other professionals throughout our state and country, in order to gain increased awareness, knowledge, and skills in the area of providing mobility opportunities via education.

IVCEC with its modernized building and newly developed website: www.ivcec.org, is dedicated to continuing to ensure that our students receive a quality education focused on: academic skills, independent living skills, effective communication skills, and appropriate social-emotional/behavioral skills. It is by the collaborative efforts all of the parents, teachers, speech therapists, psychologists, nurses, administrators and all support staff, that we are able to provide such a quality educational program for our students.

Kurt Leptich, Senior Director

CDE Notices

The following notices are from the California Department of Education regarding to Morgan Hill case (Notice of Disclosure of Records and Objection to the Disclosure of Information and Records). More information and questions can be obtained by calling 1-916-319-0800.
Los siguientes avisos son del Departamento de Educación de California en relación con el caso de Morgan Hill (Aviso de Divulgación/Publicación de Registros Escolares y Objeción a la Publicación de Información y Registros Estudiantiles). Más información y preguntas se pueden obtener llamando al 1-916-319-0800.