SWB Receives Grant to Provide Support to Victims of Bullying

Student Well Being Receives Grant to Provide Support to Victims of Bullying
Counselor provides support to young student

The Bullying & School Violence Advocacy (XB) Program will focus on direct services to victims. Often, the focus is on Bullying Prevention, not in assisting the victim. Victims of bullying are usually left to deal with the emotional and psychological damage from these incidents by themselves.

The Imperial County Office of Education understands that bullying and school violence is a serious issue with devastating and profound impacts to the school experience for all children/teens involved – the victims who are bullied, the perpetrators who bully, and the witnesses or bystanders who see it happen. ICOE’s XB Program will work to assist schools to provide a safe and healthy school environment for learning and personal development for all students. 

A study completed by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health found that 32% of middle and high school students experienced some form of bullying. It is important to address the victims’ needs during these traumatic events and provide them the support they require.

For more information please contact the Student Well Being Office at ICOE.
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Hours: 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday

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