National History Day!

National History Day participants

Three schools participated in today's National History Day competition, Barbara Worth Jr. High, Kennedy Middle, and Meadows Union! Competing in three categories of websites, exhibits and documentary, the participants focused on the history theme of "Conflict & Compromise." 

Winners were separated into group and individual projects:

Individual Website - Cassidy Taylor and Abigail Schofield, Barbara Worth Jr. High School

Group Website - Andrea Mendoza, Carmina, Pendley, Lily Castaneda, Barbara Worth Jr, High School. Roger Rolfe and Donovan Johnston, Meadows Union School

Individual Exhibit - Brissa Fernandez and Danytza Sandoval, Meadows Union School

Group Exhibit - Alyssa Lemus and Alayna Demara, Barbara Worth Jr, High School. Melanie Orozco and Andrea Herrera, Meadows Union School

Group Documentary - Kalany Servin, Xatziry Matus, Valeria Lopez, Dainaly Reye, and Ismael Estrada, Jorge Gomez, Joseph Ayon, Manuel Romero, Kennedy Middle School.

Be sure to check out the pictures here!

Added on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 18:45