Graduation Dates Released

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Imperial County - The Spring semester graduation dates have been released by local Imperial County high schools as well as Imperial Valley College and San Diego State University.  For more information and details about each graduation, contact each of the schools individually. 

Imperial County High School and College Graduation

 SCHOOL                             DATE       TIME            LOCATION
SDSU - IV  5/11/17 7:00pm  Calexico Campus 
Vincent Memorial H.S. 5/26/17 10:30am Our Lady of Guadalupe 
D.O.H.S. & Adult Ed. 6/1/17 7:00pm  Southwest Theater 
San Pasqual H.S. 6/2/17 TBA TBA
Central Union H.S.  6/2/17 8:00pm  Cal Jones Field 
Southwest H.S. 6/2/17 8:00pm  Freeway Stadium 
Imperial Holbrook H.S.  6/7/17 7:00pm  Imperial H.S. Gym 
Valley Academy Alt Ed. 6/7/17 5:00pm  Valley Academy 
BUHS DVHS & Alt. Ed 6/7/17 8:00pm  Weist Field 
Brawley High School  6/8/17 8:00pm  Weist Field 
Holtville High School 6/9/17 7:30pm Football Field
Imperial High School 6/9/17 7:30pm  Football Field 
Imperial Valley College 6/10/17 9am & 2pm  DePaoli Gymnasium
Calexico-Aurora High  6/13/17 5:00pm  Varner Gym 
Calexico High School  6/14/17 7:00pm Ward Field 
Calipatria High School 6/15/17 8:00pm  Veteran's Memorial Field 

Currently there are over 37,000 students enrolled in grades K-12 in Imperial County (that does not include the enrollment figures for both IVC and SDSU).  

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