County Test Scores Released


Student taking a testOn Wednesday, September 27, 2017 the California Department of Education released the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress scores to the public.


These scores are from students in grades 3rd – 8th grade as well as 11th graders last school year. The total number of students in those grades who took the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) was 19,167 here in Imperial County.


This year’s CAASPP scores represent the third year that California schools have used this assessment and the trend for Imperial County schools is positive. The following pages outlay in detail the progress local schools have made, especially when compared to other counties in the state that have similar English language learner populations and similar socio-economic demographics.

“When we look at the percentage of growth these past few years, we are encouraged.” commented Dr. Todd Finnell, County Superintendent of Schools. “Imperial County schools have improved at a higher rate than other comparable counties and the rest of California; but we still have work ahead as we prepare students for college and career.”


It is important to note that these test scores are just one measurement tool now used to evaluate student and school performance. This past year the CDE released the California School Dashboard ( that identifies six (6) State Indicators, including the Academic Indicator of these ELA and Math assessments, as well as four (4) local indicators that are determined by each local school district.


The CAASPP assessment has four different achievement level descriptors which are; Standard Exceeded, Standard Met, Standard Nearly Met and Standard Not Met. For clarity, the Imperial County Office of Education has prepared the following report on students who’ve either met or exceeded the standard on either ELA or Math assessments. More details can be found at:


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