Imperial County Schools Are Developing Plans for School Reopening

May 1st, 2020

Contact: Alvaro Ramirez, Safety and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Imperial County school leaders are committed to the safety and security of our students, their families, and those working with our students.  While many of us are anxiously awaiting a return to our pre-COVID-19 lives, it is paramount, now more than ever, that we abide by the guidelines as set by our local, state, and federal health authorities. 

School representatives from Imperial County have been working regionally in coordination with school, government, and health officials from Imperial and San Diego counties to develop comprehensive plans and guidelines to work toward a safe and successful reopening of our schools.

The County Superintendent of Schools has appointed the following individuals to lead our local efforts.

Renato Montaño
Deputy Superintendent, Imperial County Office of Education

Carlos R. Gonzales
Superintendent, Calexico Unified School District

Alvaro Ramirez
Safety and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Imperial County Office of Education

“I’m proud of the work being done to prepare for a safe reopening of our local schools,” stated Dr. Finnell. “Our schools play such an important role in our recovery from this crisis. While many things remain uncertain at this time, we’ll be ready to reopen our schools as soon as it is safe to do so.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impact on our lives and continues to bring challenges we must overcome together.  Our local schools will continue to maintain an environment where our students can learn safely, our teachers can teach safely, and we as a community feel comfortable that our friends and families are safe as they return to school, work, and our daily lives.

“As we work toward reopening our schools in Imperial County, the safety and well-being of our students and staff are a priority,” said Carlos Gonzales.  “Despite all the changes this pandemic has brought to our everyday lives and to the education of our children, it’s inspiring to witness the amazing work our local educators are providing students across the county.”