Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

The Path to Inclusion
Imperial County Chapter

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote inclusion for students with disabilities and those living with adversity. We empower all students to appreciate differences, build genuine friendships, and stand up to bullying to achieve significant social impact.

CoF is a social and language skills program intended to build inclusion; providing valuable support to students with special needs. It is based on the establishment of friendships between students with disabilities and their trained, non-disabled peers as both interact meaningfully in the natural environment. CoF provides a systematic approach to a multi-layered program, enabling students with disabilities to lead productive and engaged lives.


  • Students with disabilities develop genuine friendships and improve social skills.
  • Each student develops compassion and leadership qualities.
  • Bullying decreases, creating safer schools and communities.

The Imperial County SELPA is proud to be a Circle of Friends (CoF) Chapter, and Trainer-of-Trainers throughout the Imperial Valley. The Imperial County SELPA staff is available to assist and support all Districts throughout the county with starting-up and/or enhancing their existing CoF programs.

Circle of Friends (CoF) Participating Schools

Brawley Elementary School District

Phil Swing Elementary School

Brawley Union High School District

Brawley Union High School

Meadows Union Elementary School District

Meadows Union School

Calexico Unified School District

Blanche Charles Elementary School

Calexico High School

Calexico High School 9th Grade Campus

Dool Elementary School

Enrique Camarena Junior High School 

Jefferson Elementary School

Kennedy Garden Elementary School

Mains Elementary School

Rockwood Elementary School

William Moreno Junior High School

El Centro Elementary School District

Desert Garden Elementary School

Hedrick Elementary School

Harding Elementary School

Kennedy Middle School

McKinley Elementary School

Sunflower Elementary School

Washington Elementary School

Wilson Jr. High School