Temporary Credential Holder Support

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Temporary Credential Holder Support

What: A new teaching support program
Who: Temporary Teaching Credential Holders including STSP, PIP, CBEST & Content Waivers
Why: To help new teachers not currently in a credentialing program.
When: 2017-2018 school year
Registration deadline: Sept. 30, 2017
Cost: $2,500

For a flyer containing this information, click here .

Program includes:

Personal Plan Development
• Individualized and guided goal setting and monitoring to assist teacher in becoming Intern or Induction ready
• Required Test advising (CBEST, CSET, RICA…)

Monthly Network Support
ICOE Coordinators will facilitate:
• Just-in-time support for new teacher challenges, such as, classroom management and effective instruction
• Personal plan monitoring
• Professional network building
• Unleash Learning by Dr. William Dejean book study

Foundational Skills Training
Participants will:
• Attend Conscious Classroom Management: Bring Out the Best in Students and Teachers and
• One choice selection from an approved menu of ICOE offerings

On-Site Support
• Two site walk-throughs with identified site support person and ICOE Coordinator

Registration deadline: Sept. 30, 2017
Cost: $2,500

For a flyer containing this information, click here.

Contact Information

Robin Bates
Imperial County Consortium Teacher Induction Program Director
Phone:  (760) 312-6614
Lynn Salcedo
Clerical Assistant
Phone:  (760) 312-6571