Medical Plans

The ICSVEBA offers plan participants five health plans to choose from that vary in coverage depending upon the individual and/or family needs of the participant. The ICSVEBA provides a summary benefit comparison of each of the five plans illustrating the differences in the five plans including the annual deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and the comparisons between the in-network v. out-of-network benefits for each plan.

Enrollment & Coverage Year

Please carefully review your options before making your important health election. The medical plan year runs from 10/1 through 9/30 and open enrollment is during the month of September. Information will be distributed to all eligible employees inviting you to the "Back to School" informational sessions regarding our health benefits.

New Employees

New employees eligible for health benefits are provided information and enrollment forms at time of hire during one-on-one orientation in the Human Resources Department. Health coverage for new employees becomes effective on the first day of the month following the employees official effective date of hire, unless the employee is hired on the first working day of the month in which case coverage would become effective on date of hire.

Additional Information